​Results Based Architecture

Architecture Enablement

  • Defining an architectural structure to enable domain and enterprise success.
  • Focused on delivering value to the business fast.
  • Adoption of 'right sized' architectural framework.
  • Standardizing work intake and business case development
  • UML and Single Repository acquisition assistance
  • Identification of artifacts enabling fast consumption by Agile or Waterfall DevOps.


  • ​​Company Mission, Strategy, Tactics, Initiatives & Work Effort Alignment.
  • ​Defining and Validating Enterprise and Domain Capability Models
  • ​​Capability Maturity Assessments (People, Process, IT and Data)
  • ​Capability and IT Asset Heat maps
  • ​Identification of Duplicative Capabilities and IT Assets


Tailoring an SDLC that ;

  • Supports Business Case development.
  • Creates traceability between Business, Solution/Application/IT and Data Architects.
  • Ensures appropriate gates are supportive and not a hindrance.
  • Integrates with DevOps
  • Post Delivery Success Metrics